Danielle Tocker

Danielle Tocker Photography


Danielle is a lovely photographer and an even lovelier human being specializing in culinary, lifestyle and wedding photography. Can you tell?

“I want to capture your story.”

Craibstone Creamery

Jim, Liz & Anne run a sheep farm. They create amazing homemade sheep milk products. Find them at the Regina Farmer’s Market on Saturdays throughout the summer.

Over the Hill Orchards


Dean and Sylvia hosted us at the Orchard for the summer of 2015. They are a certified organic orchard growing wonderful fruits.

“Although we couldn’t grow peaches like they do in the Okanagan valley in British Columbia, we could grow other delectable fruit, suited for our climate. Growers in B.C. can’t grow Valencia oranges like they do in California, but that didn’t stop them from creating the most popular tourist and fruit production area in the country. We believed that we can apply the same principles of fruit growing and tourism, here in Saskatchewan.”

Grovenland Farm


Grovenland Farm is seeking to grow good wholesome natural food, meats and vegetables, for their community using organic practices. They produce vegetables free of chemicals or pesticides. Their pastured poulty, pastured heritage pork and grass-finished beef enjoy a natural diet with fresh forage without antibiotics. Find them at the Lanigan Farmers Market, or in Saskatoon and Regina through The Farmers Table online marketplace.

Our quote: “We are excited about eating local and are proud to be part of the local food scene that the backyard is making into a beautiful dining experience.”

Green Sister Gardens


“Green Sister Gardens is an urban SPIN Farm that was established in 2012 as an attempt to be part of a positive solution. We ethically grow non-GMO food using organic growing methods. All of our produce is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Our produce is grown in the front and back yards of some of Moose Jaw’s most progressive homeowner’s. In exchange for the use of their land we provide them with a weekly basket of produce throughout the growing season.

We significantly reduce our use of fossil fuels by using bicycles as our main form of transportation. We also farm without the use of heavy machinery. Aside from a rototiller the garden work is all done with hand tools.”